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Hi , I am Dr. Carl Robinson director for " Greater Dallas Lifeskills" We are the top provider of cognitive behavioral  group classes for over 26 years. Our classes are evidence based with facilitators highly skilled and intuitive to the needs and struggles  that emotions, anger, stress and depression cause. We provide Counseling and classes for high Profile Clients"  Celebrities, Actors, Performers, Entertainers, Sports Figures and Corporate America alike. Our classes are hosted in professional settings. We also provide flex schedules for busy people. Our classes have various durations as well as flexibility in attendance. We also offer special accommodations  high confidentiality for our high profile clients.  

We have many handwritten testimonials reaching back as far 2004 stating their appreciation attesting our commitment and relent in helping then to overcome issues that would otherwise fragment relationships, families and marriages under the upward intensity of emotions that predispose us all to behaviors that are unbecoming. We are here to help those cases where family unit is challenged. Our experience has been very successful and highly recommended from individuals, companies, corporations and institutions.

 Our high confidentiality principles are standard operating procedures also assist in flex scheduling for classes to meet busy needs and deadlines. We also observe HIPPA Laws and Privacy and will never share your information. Classes and Sessions are generally a 6 week duration.Classes and Sessions are payed for in advance. Classes help and meet requirements with family issues , child custody, parenting and divorce decrees. Also in domestic violence cases that require actual classes and not online counseling or one on one. 

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 Dr. Carl Robinson Ph.D.