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Greater Dallas LifeSkills

Providing The Best Cognitive Behavioral Group Classes

Better Care Starts With You



Greater Dallas Lifeskills: is the top provider of cognitive behavioral  group classes for over 25 years. Our classes are evidence based with facilitators highly skilled and intuitive to the needs and struggles  that emotions, anger, stress and depression cause. Our classes are hosted in professional settings. We provide a flex schedule and we also offer special accommodations for high profile clientele that require confidentiality. 


 Classes are conducted by certified counselors with credentials ranging from 2 year Certified Facilitators to PC, LPC, LCDC and Ph.D. level credentials. All of our counselors are certified with more than 45 years combined experience. 


Greater Dallas LifeSkills provides these services to future clients:


  • Proactive

  • Attorney Recommended

  • Court Ordered

  • Probation Ordered

  • BIPP

  • And many other class  See more >>


Rent a large range of medical equipment including:

  • Dallas

  • Plano

  • Frisco

  • Addison

  • Grapevine

  • Ft. Worth

  • And many other options  See more >>



“It helped me to become more vocal about my attitude and recognize things about myself  that I maybe didn't see before class.”


“I am able to catch myself before I get angry. The group has been an eyeopener...”


“I really learned what anger really means. I have really benefited from this class.


“Yes, this class has done a lot for myself. I recommend this course to everybody.”

                                                                           Les Wa

“I learned more how to separate my anger from my actions and learned to take a few minutes to cool off...”


“This class has provided me with the tools I need to properly express my anger...”


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