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Family Court Ordered classes are classes that you are ordered by your

 court to take.

What are Family Court Ordered Classes?

Family Court

12 Hr. Anger Management

Duration: 12 Hours (6 Weeks)


Family Court

18 Hr. Anger Management

Duration: 18 Hours (9 Weeks)


Family Court

12 Hr. LifeSkills

Duration: 12 Hours (6 Weeks)


Family Court

Thinking For A Change Class

Duration: 22 Hours (22 Weeks)


Family Court

26 Wk. BIPP

Duration: 26 Hours (26 Weeks)


Family Court

12 Hr. Parenting

Duration: 12 Hours (6 Weeks)


Family Court

16 Hr. Family Violence Class

Duration: 16 Hours (8 Weeks)


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