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Our Approved Anger Management Classes meet the guidelines of each Court's system.
We are a Certified Anger Management Training and Counseling Group. We offer classes for court appointed cases that will show pre and post assessments to observe the student's level of progress and benefit to establish just what they have learned in terms of understanding their own anger and how to be cognitive and better manage their anger. Usually the classes can be completed in about 6 weeks primarily on Saturdays To give an entire week of study and homework over the 6 week period of instruction and class interaction.

(1) Certificate of completion
(2) Letter of completion
(3) Progress report for your attorney,
​probation officer or judge upon request


These classes are usually ordered through the courts with a longer probation period.

These classes must be completed to avoid violation of probation which could result in jail time... ​​
Classes are usually 12 1 hour sessions with a 12 week duration​. With the exception of
Classes are strictly for individuals who have been remanded to probation supervision.

Classes can be completed to meet terms of court approved probation's standards or i.e. the probation officer.

Failure to complete these classes in a timely manner or as ordered can result in Jail and additional fines.

What you will learn:
1. What is anger?
2. How to reduce anger
3. How to avoid quick escalation
4. Effective communication skills in the angry moment
5. Emotional Intelligence


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