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Training On The Cutting Edge

Proactive Classes Are Not Court or Probation Ordered
        " Classes can help prevent certain occurrences that predispose us to anger"

 Learn how to make healthy changes"
"Our real feelings are masked by emotions predisposing us to misunderstood and uncontrollable anger. Since 2004 our classes are based on Models that utilize Evidenced-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Training Methods and Training Materials!

What You Can Learn

"Learn how to improve your communication skills to develop more meaningful and healthy relationships while dealing with anger and feelings. This is your best opportunity to learn new tools and develop new skill sets through cognitive behavioral retraining. Don't let anger ruin your marriage and relationships. Behavior is formed through environments and experiences and often leaves a legacy of hurt and anger for our children. Start today and let's get healthy!"

What Our Clients Are Saying
Our clients have testimonials reaching back to 2004. Many thanks and letters of appreciation have been hand written to attest our commitment and relent in helping them to overcome issues that would otherwise break relationships, marriages and and in many cases the family unit.

Special Needs

We can help clients who travel for a living fit their tight schedules as well as make life changing deadlines. Flexibility and professional services are our goals. High Profile ClientsWe provide classes for celebrities and business professionals with the most discrete services and programs possible. Our high confidentiality principles are standard operating procedures

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Maybe Your Case is Different But If You Don't Get Help Soon It Could Spin Out Of Control And Then You Could Be Court Ordered or Worst ! Be Proactive Today!
Everybody Has Emotions! Let Us Help You Learn How To Check Them At The Door! It's Easier Than If Someone Else Checked Them For You!
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