Greater Dallas Lifeskills: is the top provider of cognitive behavioral  group classes for over 16 years. Our classes are empirical evidence based with facilitators highly skilled and intuitive to the needs and struggles with emotions, anger, stress and depression. Our classes are hosted in professional settings. We also provide flex schedules for traveling people with busy schedules. Our classes have various durations as well as flexibility in attendance. We also offer special needs and high profile clients
Ofice: (214) 448-3763
         (214) 271-0062

Now Serving Nationwide:
Along with our partners are currently serving  cities , counties and states across the United States. Our partners range from Attorneys, Human Resources, Employee Assistance Programs, Service  Providers, Counselors and Therapists.
Since 2004 as a service provider we have been successful in helping people from various backgrounds and industries. We are no in a partnership to provide a range of services that can assist client with challenges across the board.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Our clients have testimonials reaching back to 2004. Many thanks and letters of appreciation have been hand written to attest our commitment and relent in helping them to overcome issues that would otherwise break relationships, marriages and and in many cases the family unit.

Special Needs.  We can help clients who travel for a living fit their tight schedules as well as make life changing deadlines. Flexibility and professional services are our goals. High Profile ClientsWe provide classes for celebrities and business professionals with the most discrete services and programs possible. Our high confidentiality principles are standard operating procedures