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Attorney Recommended

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Attorney Recommended classes are not court or probation ordered. They are often taken at the recommendation or advice of an attorney when dealing with the courts in those kind of cases. Attorney Recommended Classes are offered to individuals with short timelines or need flex schedules. Theses classes come with a certificate of completion. The classes are usually 6 weeks in duration unless they are BIPP State mandated.We also offer day classes as well. To pre-register simply click on the Customer Service logo and fill out the quick  pre-registration form and a " Client Services Specialist "will process you promptly to get you started today.
             Office: (214) 448-3763
             (Ofice: (972) 755-3028
Email: info@greaterdallaslifeskills.com
These classes are  provided strictly based on request and qualification.If you need these kind of services please call or ask for an appointment.